Spreading innovation

COI works to spread innovative solutions across public sector workplaces by sharing knowledge, facilitating workshops and developing tools.

Innovative and valuable solutions are created in every part of the public sector. However, many are not sufficiently embedded and scaled within the organization or systematically shared with other workplaces.

A high level of trust is important when innovators share the difficult parts of the innovation process, which is crucial in order to succeed with the spreading of innovation.

COI aims to ease the path for spreading innovation in the public sector by facilitating workshops, networks and internships and continuously gather and share knowledge and experiences from the public sector.

Video: Head of Relations, Majken Præstbro, briefly explains why you should share and reuse innovation. (Select english subtitles).

Why you should share and reuse innovation

✔ By reusing the solutions of others, you can save development costs, avoid unsuccessful strategies and achieve desired outcomes more quickly.

✔ By sharing your own solutions with others, you can use their experiences to improve the original solution and possibly achieve a greater reach and impact. Beneficial for citizens, companies and the economy.

The spreading of public sector innovation is completed when the solution have been implemented somewhere new. It is not enough to share knowledge about the solution.

A guide for innovation spreading

To ease the spreading of innovation, COI has launched a guide and dialogue tool for 'givers' and 'takers' of innovation to use when collaborating. The guide provides an overview of a complex process and is relevant for anyone who wants to collaborate on spreading an innovation from one context to another.

COI supports the spreading of public sector innovation in various ways: