Innovation Internship

COI provides workplaces with a readymade framework and supports the facilitation of internships across the Danish public sector.

The Innovation Internship offers interns and hosts a new perspective on their own working methods and procedures as well as supporting the sharing of knowledge between employees and employers across the public sector workplaces.

The Innovation Internship provides an opportunity for the individual workplace to either host an intern from another organization or for an employee to visit another workplace – or both - and thereby setting the scene and the opportunity to pick up new perspectives and inspiration to bring back home.

Interpersonal meetings are facilitated by the COI in order to establish new relations since strong relations will enhance the likelihood of changed behavior and for innovative solutions to find new breeding grounds.

Video: Innovation Consultant, Niels Jakobsen, briefly explains how the Innovation Internship works. (Select english subtitles)

The Innovation Internship creates long-term value

✔ 2 out of 3 have been in contact with their counterparts after the internship.

✔ More than 9 out of 10 participants recommend the Innovation Internship to other public servants.

✔ 3 of 4 hosts and interns have had specific use of the internship in form of knowledge gained, new solutions discovered, and inspiration to adjust their own ways of working accordingly.

Ongoing facilitation and development 

The Innovation Internship has previously been an annual event in week 37 but is now a continous effort, where COI matches hosts and interns on request. The latest evaluation was made of the Innovation Internship Event 2018 and includes information on the facilitation, process and results. 

Download evaluation here: