Innovation Barometer

COI collects data on public sector innovation and publishes the official statistic ‘The Innovation Barometer’

The Innovation Barometer was the first of its kind in the world when the National Centre for Public Sector Innovation and Statistics Denmark published the first results in 2015. 

The second edition was completed in 2019, building on responses from 2.363 municipal, regional and state sector workplaces of all kinds. The knowledge gained from the statistic serves as an important foundation for COI’s other activities and program development.

The data collection for a new and third edition of the Danish Innovation Barometer is underway and the first results are expected to be published by the end of 2020.

Video: Head of analysis, Ole Bech Lykkebo, explains how you can use the Innovation Barometer. (Select english subtitles).

How it can be used

The Innovation Barometer serves multiple purposes. Most importantly:

✔ to inspire workplaces in their effort of increasing quality and efficiency through innovation by showing ‘what others do’

✔ to provide the decision-makers with a solid knowledge foundation for developing the public sector

✔ The Innovation Barometer is also used as a teaching resource at educational institutions, for leadership training in the public sector and for debunking myths and false assumptions.

International interest

All Nordic countries are now also conducting innovation barometers, allowing for transnational comparisons.

Apart from the five Nordic countries, fourteen additional countries, the OECD and the European Union are also interested Innovation Barometers. All these actors currently co-create a Copenhagen Manual. The manual, to be published I 2021, will show why and how any country can benefit from making an innovation barometer for the public sector.

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