Evaluating innovation

COI works to strengthen the capacity for documenting and evaluating public sector innovation.

Knowing that only 45 percent of public sector innovations are evaluated, COI continuously work to strengthen the evaluation capacity in the public sector.

COI facilitates discussions between researchers, leaders and practitioners across different fields, collects data and shares relevant and new knowledge on the topic to make it easier and more attractive to document the value of innovative solutions.

Video: Senior Consultant, Lene Krogh Jeppesen, explains why you should evaluate. (Select english subtitles)

Why you should evaluate

✔ Integrating evaluation from the beginning of the innovation project will help guide the process and create a solid foundation for making decisions on what initiatives to proceed with and what to stop.

✔ Knowledge from the evaluation will strengthen the communication about the value of the innovation to decision makers, colleagues, partners and citizens.

✔ Evaluation enables spreading innovation, since others easily can gain knowledge on the created value and the innovation process.

A guide to ease the evaluation process

COI has developed a hands-on guide to evaluating public sector innovation, which takes you through four phases of evaluating innovative initiatives. The guide was co-created with researchers and practitioners across all levels of government aiming to make it significantly easier and more attractive for innovation practitioners to evaluate and learn which innovative initiatives turn into valuable innovative solutions.

Download the guide and supporting diagrams here: