ISBN: 978-87-999057-9-9

A guide to evaluating public sector innovation

For you who would like to refine and demonstrate the value of an innovation.

With this guidebook, the National Centre for Public Sector Innovation (COI) aims to help the evaluation process become simpler, more manageable and attractive for those working with innovation in the public sector. This guidebook was created in collaboration with civil servants from state, regional and municipal bodies in the context of COI’s working group on the evaluation of innovative initiatives. Read more at 

This guidebook is aimed at those who work with innovation and would like to use evaluation to refine their innovation and demonstrate its value. The target group includes managers, consultants and practitioners. The guidebook has been structured so that the first part is an introduction to the most important things you need to know about evaluating innovative initiatives. The second part contains methods and tools to help in practical execution. The guidebook can be used by individuals alone or as a tool for dialogue with your colleagues and partners.