About COI

COI contributes to the public sector delivering efficiently and with a high quality through innovation.

COI's medarbejdere

Photo: The employees at The National Centre for Public Sector Innovation.


The National Centre for Public Sector Innovation (COI) contributes to the public sector becoming more efficient and delivering services and products of a higher quality through innovation.

The purpose can only be achieved in collaboration with others and COI collaborates with innovative employees and decision makers at national, regional and municipal levels across Denmark. COI also joins forces internationally, when efforts are expected to significantly benefit the national mission.

COI aims to:

✔ qualify the innovation capacity across Denmark

✔ support systematic spreading of public sector innovation

✔ strengthen the structural frameworks and competences in order to further the overall impact of public innovation efforts

✔ provide decision makers at all levels with easy access to knowledge on public sector innovation in Denmark and internationally


The Danish Central Government, Danish Regions and Local Government Denmark own and finance COI. A steering group, consisting of three members from each party, is responsible for the overall strategy, selection and prioritization of focus areas and planning of the general evaluation of COI’s work.